How It Works

Search Process

1.Click on the “Search Process Page” tab at the top of the Home Page of website.

2.Next Page has a Drop Down menu titled Name of School 

3.Click the Select arrow: drop down menu with a list of schools will appear. (Note: Presently HSIS (Hot Springs Intermediate School) is the only school with lost items available to search) 

4.Click on the Name of the School you are searching.  Each lost item is listed first by: 

Name of School

Category (Example: Coat, Scarf)


Image of lost item 

Brand Name 

Item #.

Scroll through the pages as you search for your lost item. You can click on the image to enlarge it, when finished click on the (X) in the upper right corner of the page to return and continue your search. If you find your lost item, before clicking the “CLAIM”, button write down the item #. The item # is used as a way of identification. 

When you find your lost item Click the Claim button another page will appear with the following fields to complete.

Missing Item #

Parents Name

Students Name

Phone #

Comments: (Example: Please call me after finding the lost coat so we can make arrangements to get the item).

When finished completing the form, click Submit.

The completed Claim Form will be sent to a specific email address for processing. Allow 24 hours to be contacted  to begin the process of returning the lost item.

Note: Each lost item will be available to claim for 30 days after being input in the database. If not claimed the items will be donated.

Note: If you find the lost item, when clicking on "Submit", if another form doesn't appear, the button to block pop-ups may be on. Allow the Pop-Up.

Note: Upon request, a label with the students name will be placed on the lost item.